This guide shows you how to program a PLAY ALL button for DVD Lab.

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Whats This ???

Whats This ???

What you need:

this guide was made with Ver 1.3Beta2

In this example I've put together 6 clips. It makes no difference to the programming if you have more or less.
Make the menus as in this picture:

The Root Menu needs a button to start each film and a "Play All" button which leads to a "dummy" Play All menu.
I say dummy because we don't actually need to see this menu in the final output.
If you would like to see it for a second after hitting the Play All button then set it to a duration of 1 or 2 seconds.
When ready compile it to the HD. DVDLab will complain about missing buttons:

Thats OK let it run.

When finished, open VTS_01_1.IFO with IfoEdit. Click on the + sign of VTSM_PGCI_UT and see the menus the way IfoEdit sees them:

PGC-Menu_1 is the real root menu and contains commands only.
PGC-Menu_2 is the ROOT menu video you created with DVD LAB
PGC-Menu_3 is the Play All menu.

Open PGC-Menu_3 and scroll down a few pages to the "PGC command table". It will look like this:

These are the steps for changing the menu commands:

1. We use the first command to set a register that the films check on to see if "Play All" has been activated.
We'll change it to: Set GPreg 13 = 1028
Double click it and enter this number:
[71 00 00 0D 04 04 00 00]

2. If you decided to see the Play All menu right click the post command and choose: (LinkPGCN) Link PGC 1
If you don't want to see it, delete the post command first with the right mouse menu.
Add another Pre command, right click it and choose either: (LinkPGCN) Link PGC 1 which imediatley takes us back to
the menu where we choose which film to start with, or (Jump_VTS_TT) Jump to Title in this titleset and choose the first film.

The table should now look like this:

3. The next thing to do is to modify each films command table. So open VTS_PGCITTI / VTS_PGC_1 and look at the command table.
There is one command already there taking us back to the Root Menu.
We need to add an IF command to see if "Play all" is active.
Insert a command and then double click it. Edit the number to: [20 a4 00 0d 04 04 00 02 ]
The command table should now look like this:

So here we've asked if GPreg 13 has been set to 1028 and if yes, after the film, the player jumps to the next film - if not it jumps to the menu.

4. For the other PGCs we just change the last number of the command - for this one it was 2, for PGC_2 it would be 3
and so on till PGC_6. Now here you decide yourself if you want to continue in a loop or return to the menu.
To loop play you set the last number to "1" - [20 a4 00 0d 04 04 00 01]

If you want to return to the menu, it might be a good idea to turn the "Play All" function off at this point.
In PGC_6 (or what ever your last one is) insert a pre command Set GPreg 13 = 0
[71 00 00 0D 00 00 00 00]

Ok, thats it, time to test and have fun! - maa